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1947 Renato Ghisalba started his industrial activity in an electromechanical workshop in Turin re-newing the operating machines of FIAT damaged during the second world war.

  • 1951: Start production of clapper -type contactors 
  • 1956: This is the first Italian factory to produce compact contactors introducing  ELCOMATIC series
  • 1964: This is the first European factory to produce shock-proof MIL-NATO Contactors. Today Ghisalba Spa remains THE ONLY COMPANY QUALIFIED for these products.
  • 1965: Ghisalba starts its activity in the MARINE FIELD supplying the BIG-TANKERS. From now on Ghisalba supplies important and prestigious vessels. 
  • 1979: Launching of the new 0 (zero) size contactors. The range is re-named GH SERIES and the red contactors are known worldwide. This is the first company in the world producing compact contactors up to 2000A.
  • 1990: Start of the production of the new GH15 serie designed in accordance with IEC 947 Standards.
  • 2000: Widening of the range GH15 contactors up to 315A 160kW.
  • 2010: Launching of the contactors in direct current for PHOTOVOLTAIC and DRIVE use.

TODAY... Ghisalba projects and produces the widest range of three and four pole contactors in the world market up to 2000A. 

Ghisalba is one of the most qualified manufactures of contactors for application such as: 

3-pole and 4-pole contactors for starting AC motors in AC-3/AC-5 up to 1250A 1000VAC

Contactors for starting DC motors in DC-3/DC-5 up to 300A 460VDC / 200A 600VDC derived from AC standard contactors

3-pole and 4-pole contactors  for generating sets in AC-1/AC-3 or only in AC-1 up to 2000A 1000VAC in the compact magnetic changeovers in AC-1 from 250 up to 700A

Contactors and complete solution for the safety of PV plants in DC-1 up to 450A 1000VDC derived from AC standard contactors

Power factor contactors in AC-6b up to 100KVAR 690VAC/45 mm up to 30KVAR /500.000 operations

Single pole AC or DC contactor up to 1000A that can be used as by-pass for frequency converters, solar invers and soft starters.



coil voltage from 12 up to 690V AC, DC or AC/DC;

built-in latch (magnetic or mechanical solution) with the possibility to choose the same coil voltage for closing and opening or different coil voltage (i.e. 230VAC for closing and 12VDC for opening);

coil with selectable delayed de-energization from 200ms up to 5s following EN61000-4-34 class 3 "Low Voltage Ride through" and with emergency fast opening within 20ms; 


GHISALBA target today is to provide large users or manufactures in the world with customized solution for specific needs; for this reason it offers a wide range of products for motor drive such as:

Auxiliary of control and signalling dia 22 and 30 mm

Switch disconnectors up to 3150A

Manual Motor Starters up to 63A

Modular contactor up to 63A

Electronic timers

And also a complete range of electronic products such as:

Soft Starters up to 2700A 1000V

Soft Starters up to 2700A 15000V

Inverter up to 520A 500V

Converters AC/DC up to 1200A 500V

Terminal operators, relays, PLC