D D M P Digital Diagnostic Motor Protectio

Necessary innovation

The management of electrical utilities by PLC improved the quality of service continuity thanks to the prompt replacement of an utility with its own backup system. The technician in charge of maintenance periodically checks the system and must work on the basic program to make functional tests on the system that is out of work. Current starting devices (soft starters) and regulation devices (inverters) keep anomalies in memory which caused the shutdown of the system, electromechanical and electronic thermal relays do not report and do not memorize the causes of the shutdown. The result is the urgency to protect each motor with more complex device that can memorize the electrical causes of the fault, easy to use and with compatible dimensions. The DDMP distinguishes and stores the shutdown causes and guides the maintenance technician to a correct and quick solution in order to re-establish the working conditions of the system, also it allows a better programming of subsequent checks of the part of the system affected by the failure . User overload, damage to the motor windings, abnormal connections resistances, irregularities in the power supply network can be identified and shown by the LEDs of DDMP.

Product overview

Thermal overload protection with 4 trip class

Manual I remote I automatic re set
Compact dimensions with pass-thru CT

– Complete line for currents from 0.75 to 1 S00A.
– 7 000V 50/60Hz AC rated voltage
– Visual indicators of intervention
– Thermistor overtemperature protection (up to 6 PTC sensors
in series)
– Phase loss and asymmetry protection
– Easy wiring and DIN rail mounting

Tecnichal features

Contactor + DDMP Ghisalba coordination


DDMP-34 (3-34.5A) & DDMP-65 (33.5 -65)

DDMP-320 (66-320A)

DDMP-900 (186-900A)