GHISALBA auxiliary contactors, normally used for signals with weak currents, are constructed with contacts suitable for reliability and continuity. They cannot therefore be used as power contacts. These contactors are equipped with the same accessories of GH15.

Name EAN Code Product Description Coil Voltage
GH15CR.40 4112521 4NO 24V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.40 4112522 4NO 48V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.40 4112523 4NO 110-120V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.40 4112524 4NO 220-240V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.40 4112525 4NO 380-415V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.40 4112526 4NO 440-480V/50-60Hz
GH15CRL.40 4114106 4NO 24V DC
GH15CRL.40 4114107 4NO 48V DC
GH15CRL.40 4114108 4NO 110V DC
GH15CR.31 4112511 3NO+1NC 24V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.31 4112512 3NO+1NC 48V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.31 4112513 3NO+1NC 110-120V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.31 4112514 3NO+1NC 220-240V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.31 4112515 3NO+1NC 380-415V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.31 4112516 3NO+1NC 440-480V/50-60Hz
GH15CRL.31 4114101 3NO+1NC 24V DC
GH15CRL.31 4114102 3NO+1NC 48V DC
GH15CRL.31 4114103 3NO+1NC 110V DC
GH15CR.22 4111501 2NO+2NC 24V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.22 4111502 2NO+2NC 48V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.22 4111503 2NO+2NC 110-120V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.22 4111504 2NO+2NC 220-240V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.22 4111505 2NO+2NC 380-415V/50-60Hz
GH15CR.22 4111506 2NO+2NC 440-480V/50-60Hz
GH15CRL.22 4114111 2NO+2NC 24 V DC
GH15CRL.22 4114112 2NO+2NC 48V DC
GH15CRL.22 4114113 2NO+2NC. 110V DC

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