Name EAN Code Product Description Coil Voltage
GHMR.40 4116100 4NO 24V/50-60Hz
GHMR.40 4116102 4NO 110V/50Hz - 120V/60Hz
GHMR.40 4116104 4NO 220-230V/50Hz - 240V/60Hz
GHMR.40 4116110 4NO 24V DC
GHMR.40 4116111 4NO 48V DC
GHMR.40 4116112 4NO 110V DC
GHMR.31 4116140 3NO+1NC 24V/50-60Hz
GHMR.31 4116142 3NO+1NC 110V/50Hz - 120V/60Hz
GHMR.31 4116144 3NO+1NC 220-230V/50Hz - 240V/60Hz
GHMR.31 8407011 3NO+1NC 380-400V 50Hz
GHMR.31 4116150 3NO+1NC 24V DC
GHMR.31 4116151 3NO+1NC 48V DC
GHMR.31 4116152 3NO+1NC 110V DC
GHMR.22 4116180 2NO+2NC 24V/50-60Hz
GHMR.22 4116182 2NO+2NC 110-115V/50Hz - 120-125V/60Hz
GHMR.22 4116184 2NO+2NC 220-230V/50Hz - 240V/60Hz
GHMR.22 8407978 2NO+2NC 12V DC
GHMR.22 4116190 2NO+2NC 24V DC
GHMR.22 4116191 2NO+2NC 48V DC
GHMR.22 4116192 2NO+2NC 110V DC

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