The GHKU series of switch disconnectors guarantees coverage of a range of sizes between 200 and 800 Ampere. They are switch disconnectors that allow the opening and closing of the load for low voltage electrical systems. They have a compact shape, available in 3 or 4 pole versions and made with 100% recyclable thermoplastic material. The package includes, in addition to the door lock operation, a shaft l = 200 mm up to 250 A and l = 228 mm for subsequent sizes. The auxiliary contacts are easy to install and single-pole terminal covers are available (code LS...F)

Name EAN Code Product Description Coil Voltage
GHKU4200 4146016 Ie = 200A AC-22 Ie =200A AC-23 400V
GHKU4250 4146017 Ie = 250A AC-22 Ie =250A AC-23 400V
GHKU4315 4146018 Ie = 315A AC-22 Ie =315A AC-23 400V
GHKU4400 4146019 Ie = 400A AC-22 Ie =400A AC-23 400V
GHKU4630 4146020 Ie = 630A AC-22 Ie =630A AC-23 400V
GHKU4800 4146021 Ie = 800A AC-22 Ie =800A AC-23 400V

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