The KSZ series of switch disconnectors with fuse holder guarantees coverage of a size range between 63 and 630 Ampere. They are switch disconnectors that allow the opening and closing of the load for low voltage electrical systems. The modular structure allows the control mechanism to be positioned as needed (option on request) Four interruption points per phase 3 -4 pole versions available The package includes a shaft l = 220/228 mm and a door lock handle. The auxiliary contacts are easy to install and fuse cover and terminals are available (code SS and LS) They are mainly used for: main switches motor switches disconnectors safety switches

Name EAN Code Product Description Coil Voltage
KSZ363 4145810 Ie = 63A AC-22 Ie =63A AC-23 400V
KSZ380 4145811 Ie = 80A AC-22 Ie =80A AC-23 400V
KSZ3100 4145812 Ie = 100A AC-22 Ie =100A AC-23 400V
KSZ3125 4145813 Ie = 125A AC-22 Ie =125A AC-23 400V
KSZ3160 4145814 Ie = 160A AC-22 Ie =125A AC-23 400V
KSZ3200 4145815 Ie = 200A AC-22 Ie =200A AC-23 400V
KSZ3250 4145816 Ie = 250A AC-22 Ie =250A AC-23 400V
KSZ3315 4145817 Ie = 315A AC-22 Ie =315A AC-23 400V
KSZ3400 4145818 Ie = 400A AC-22 Ie =400A AC-23 400V
KSZ3630 4145819 Ie = 630A AC-22 Ie =630A AC-23 400V

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